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Education in Russia

Higher education abroad offers open doors for development and improvement that solely a few of different encounters can give so strongly. What does a youthful expert need to challenge in today's work Markets? High caliber, prestigious training known everywhere throughout the world. Russia, having the most the highest literacy rate on this world about (99,6%), is appropriately glad for having one of the best studying frameworks on this world, and also the best logical and innovative accomplishments, various Nobel Prize Winners, social and sporting figures of worldwide status and the wealthiest assets. Consistently a huge number of students from everywhere throughout the world come to contemplate in Russia to get prestigious, all around perceived and moderate training

Advantages of Russian higher education for foreign citizens

There are more than 650 state universities in the Russian higher education system in which about 9 million study in. Also, more than 210000 of these students come from about 200 different countries.

Students can have more than 300 choices of study in different fields such as Medical, Engineering, Economic and Humanities Specialties.

Russian advanced education depends on the widely acclaimed school of principal and connected science, at the base of which lie the immense disclosures of Russian researchers, which decided the course of improvements in world science for a long time ahead.

Russian higher education gives the likelihood of access to the most present day labs and logical specialized centers

The most qualified teaching personnel of Russian state universities (on average 80% of professors hold Ph.D. degrees) guarantee top-quality education.

Studying foreign citizens affairs at Russian state universities is up to 80% funded by the Government of Russia, for making it affordable (the average cost of an academic year, including accommodation in a student hostel, is 2500-4000 USD).

Russian higher education has a lot to offer the students to get to know the  country including –  unique cultural and historical heritage, the incomparable beauty of its natural landscapes and climatic zones, the diversity of architectural styles in its biggest cities, and the rich traditions and customs of more than 160 nationalities living in Russia


The Russian system of higher education

Higher professional education (engineering, economic, humanities specialties):

  • “Bachelor of Science” degree: course duration – 4 years;
  • “Master of Science” degree: course duration – 2 years;
  • “Specialist” or “Engineer-specialist” qualification: course duration – 5 years;
  • Post-graduate studies (leading to PhD): course duration – 3 years.

Higher professional medical education:  

  • General medicine: course duration – 6 years;
  • Sports medicine: course duration – 6 years;
  • Pediatrics: course duration – 6 years;
  • Dentistry: course duration – 5 years;
  • Pharmacy: course duration – 5 years;
  • Clinical psychology: course duration – 5 years.

Postgraduate medical education: 

  • Internship: course duration – 1 year;
  • Clinical residency: course duration – from 2 to 5 years (depending on the specialty and the doctor’s wishes);
  • PhD: course duration – 3 years.

One academic year in Russian Universities lasts for 10 months (September 1st – June 30th). The academic year is divided into two semesters: the first semester is September 1st – January 25th; the second semester is February 9th – June 30th. At the end of each semester (January and June) students take tests and exams in the disciplines that they have studied. Between semesters students have vacations: winter vacation (2 weeks: from 25th January to 9th February), and summer vacation (2 months: from 1st July to 30th August). During winter and summer vacations students may either stay in Russia or travel home.

Grading system in the Russian Federation:

«5» – excellent; «4» – good; «3» – satisfactory; «2» – unsatisfactory; – «pass» and «not pass». The lowest passing score is «3» or «pass».

Mode and language of study

For the international students whom want to study full time, and face to face there are different modes of chances of study. ( Students from the CIS countries who are fluent in Russian may also study abroad )Students in Russian universities study in Russian language. Sometimes, courses in English language is covered ( about 20 specialties) and French ( General Medicine, Pharmacy). The acceptances who want training in English or French must have interview to check their language level acceptance when they arrive. There is no need for the result of the language tests of (IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, DALF, TCF, etc ). Russian language is an important part of our curriculum. Knowing Russian language is important for the international students for daily routine works and for understanding million pieces of educational literature throughout the study time. If a student wants to study in Russian, he/she must study the foundation courses which takes about 7 – 10 months. Medical ,Biological stream, Chemistry, Biology, Economy, Engineering Stream, Math, Physics, Information Technology, Humanities stream, history, Social Science, literature etc are also studied in the  foundation courses. Depending on the university’s requirements there must be included some other courses to be studied


Life and Health insurance

Any foreign person enters Russia for studying must have life and health insurance. For one year life and health insurance the cost will be 100 USD to 250 USD depending on the programs chosen. In this case, it is your choice. You can get an in – demand profession, construct your future career in order to create colleagues and introduce your culture, intellectual and personal careers. For sure it is almost everyone’s dream of these stuffs. The only thing is required from you is to find yourself where and what you want to study. After carefully thinking, then you are ready to step the first step towards high quality and reasonably priced education with US



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